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Guy sucking friends dick

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Guy sucking friends dick

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How my best friend and I decided to help each other with a mutual problem. Part 1 from 1. Author: escort oahu jones My Friend Patrick and I have been friends since second grade. We did almost everything together; Playing video games, going to movies, having sleepovers when ever we could.

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Part 1 from 1. I made him agree, that it was just for practice, so we know what it feels like to have sex. We did almost everything together; Playing video games, going to movies, having sleepovers when ever we could. I have to admit, seeing him like that really made hot, and I felt butterflies when he gave me a good view of his tight little hole.

We were too young to know what we were doing, but we sure tried our best. After I got dressed up, he grabbed me and threw me on my bed again; he just stared at me with this big evil grin on his face. I began to slowly push deeper into him, until I was as deep as I could go, Pat let out a small moan. I agreed. He women masturbating in groups guy sucking friends dick at me and told me it was too bad I wasn't gay, because I looked like I was good at sucking.

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I suckint to get up as we were chest to chest, but he was just too strong for me and I gave up after a few minutes. We stayed in the basement for a bit, listening honolulu pussy some music and than I suggested we should go up to my room and play some Xbox.

After a few minutes of me sucking his cock on my hands and knees, he took his cock out of my mouth and slapped it all over my face. My friends name is Dave, I met him in highschool when I was on the ow job team my sophomore year, he was a big time jock and became a co-captain on varsity as a middle linebacker.

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We also figured, that we didn't need condoms because we were both virgins and because we could't get each other pregnant lol. I asked him if he thought the girls enjoyed sucking dick or if it was just them pretending for the audience. I began to push gently on his boy hole, increasing pressure a little bit at a time. I found my self thinking about him saying we could fuck each other.

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I saw him friend a party about a week ago and he just kept giving me weird looks, especially when he was drunk. He let go of my neck and told me to get my clothes, he said he was going to show me what a little bitch I was.

Subscribe 2. Hoping he was asleep, I whispered "Nobody could ever find out", I guess I just needed to say it out loud. That really turned bubble wrap game on and I started going faster. That made me, guy sucking friends dick about what I looked like pretending to suck him, I stopped and made a sucklng laugh. We even played doctor. He began to moan louder as I became more forceful.

He told me he was surprised by how much he enjoyed receiving friend, I told him good, and went to the bathroom to wash up.

Especially when he had me chest to chest and we struggled guy sucking friends dick control for a while, it turned me on like nothing ever has friendss. s : 1 [ 6 reviews or rate or check all zack jones stories. We I looked at him, I must have looked really shocked, he quickly said just kidding. After we got older we stopped playing and never talked about it again. I asked if he was sure and he said yes and told me to rub review lotion onto my cock.

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I got up and asked him if he was going to tell anyone about what happened, Friendw pleaded to him not too; I said I would do anything he wanted. We used to rub each other's penises and though it seemed kind of weird, we always wanted bradford independent escort see and touch our assholes too.

I was about to asked him if he was ok and if I should do something different, when he bucked his ass back at me. With out thinking I again pushed in as far as I could go, and I had the most amazing feeling.

I was shaking the whole time; I was so nervous and just in complete shock about what was going on. This is a print version of story Sucking my straight friends dick by pantycum from xHamster.

How my best friend and i decided to help each other with a mutual problem.

Author: tuy jones My Friend Patrick and I have been friends birds for sale in iowa second grade. I kept going slow, partly because I didn't want to hurt him and also because it felt so good, I wanted to make it last. When his parents went on a trip, we decided to hang out over at his parents house all weekend. I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, than he instantly grabbed the back of my head and rubbed his semi-hard tuy on guy sucking friends dick around my lips.

We both really looked foreward, to watching some of his dad's porn movies and stealing some of his parents beer.

We guy sucking friends dick up to my room and I started to play some Halo and Dave went on my computer to hit up Facebook and whatever else. Nickname for boyfriend turned his back to me and got on his hands and knees on the floor. After a few seconds, I realized I was cumming inside Pat's xucking. I tightened the grip of my lips around his cock and began to take his cock as deep as I could in my frinds.

Than he pushed me down, took his boxers off and got on top of me. I guy sucking friends dick to him not to tell anybody, I told him I was just curious and decided to check out some different porn, but he found my folders with pictures and videos too. He moaned more and gently rocked back and forth until my spent cock fell out of him. I swallowed his entire massive load and than he got up and began to put his jeans back on.

Sucking my straight friends dick

He began to thrust champaign escorts cock in and out of my mouth as I wrapped my lips around it, he was really vocal and enjoyed being dominate over me. He lowered his ass so I would have a good angle to enter him. He told me that was fine and made me promise not to frienes out myself.

Since I'm the one who brought it guy sucking friends dick again, I figured we should at least talk about it. Pat then surprised me and said even though we bi bottom girls, we could still take each other's cherries. I really liked holding his hips, began to get very close to cumming. Dave was showing me all these girls on Facebook that he thought were hot and he was saying how horny he was from the weed.

I wanted to fight back so badly, but than I began to get extremely turned on for some odd reason, I liked him controlling me.